Welcome to Women’s Week at Fund Channel!


As we celebrate International Women's Week and delve into the powerful theme of #InspireInclusion this year, we're honored to highlight our third, and final, interview with Capucine Antoine, our Data Manager.


Capucine brings enthusiasm and energy when focusing on inclusion of women in the workplace, especially in the fields of engineering and computer science. As a passionate data specialist almost by chance, she insists on fighting stereotypes in order to achieve the inclusion of women at work, especially in male-dominated fields.


Let's amplify her voice and embrace her insights as we strive for a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

What does Women’s Day mean to you? What does the theme 2024 #inclusion mean as well?


For the purpose of this video, I did a quick search on the origins of the International Women’s Day, and the first International Women’s Day was in 1908 when women marched in New York City to demand voting rights.

We have come a long way since then, which is a good thing, but in my opinion, IWD is still relevant because women still have a lot to fight for, especially concerning women’s rights across the globe.

As for inclusion, as it is a very broad topic, I have chosen to focus on the inclusion of women at work, especially in male-dominated fields such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics. It is a key issue for the future, and I think that we should encourage girls from a very young age to embrace these fields. To achieve this, we have to identify and fight against stereotypes, which brings back to what I have just said: we have come a long way, but there’s still work to do!


What is the most challenging situation you faced? What did you learn from it?


I think that the most challenging situation I faced was when I completed a Master’s Degree after having worked for a couple of years. When I started, it was a bit of a jump into uncharted territory because I moved to another country and started “all over again.” But all in all, it was very rewarding, and it has helped me become more self-confident, more assertive, and better at what I do.


How do you embrace inclusion in your role?


It is quite hard to answer to this question because I currently do not take part in any hiring process and I think inclusion in the workplace has a lot to do with recruitment.


What do you feel is challenging in achieving inclusion today?


As I said earlier, I have chosen to focus on the theme of inclusion of women in the workplace and especially in fields such as engineering and computer science. It may seem a bit of a given to say that, but we have to keep in mind that computer science and artificial intelligence have just started to change our lives, and that huge changes will keep on coming, and that these changes will be tremendous, and women have to be a part of it. We have to be a part of it not only because AI works on models and these models should be the most inclusive possible but also because these careers are full of exciting opportunities.



Together, we can build a future where inclusion is a reality more than a goal.


Special thanks to Capucine for her contribution.

Happy International Women's Day!