Welcome to Women’s Week at Fund Channel!


In celebration of this International Women’s week and #InspireInclusion, we are sharing the second interview of the week with Claudine BEGASSE, our Deputy Chief Operating Officer.


Claudine takes us on her journey as a professional in fund distribution industry, motherhood and her ideas to encourage productivity. She stresses the importance of working in a caring company that allows her to develop both her career and personal life.

What does Women’s Day mean to you? What does the theme 2024 #inclusion mean as well ?

For me, Women's Day is a reminder that we shouldn't forget how lucky we are to live in a society where men and women have the same rights and values.


Having said that, we have to admit that for a woman juggling between personal and professional life is not always easy. For me, inclusion means creating an environment and a global culture that favors the fulfillment of everyone, whatever our personal constraints.

What is the most challenging situation you faced? What did you learn from it?


I have to admit that I feel lucky to be in a caring company and I feel that I have never had to choose between career and personal life, but I also feel that it is my everyday challenge since the birth of my children.


Get up at 5 am, get the girls ready, have a full-time job, come home and take care of the house, the kids' lessons, and other… and of course most of the time kick off at 10 pm with the feeling of having even more to do the next day. I'm sure most of my female colleagues will recognize themselves in this rhythm. Being a working woman these days probably means to learn how to live with the feeling of never being in the right place at the right time but yet to find a certain balance in all this.


How do you embrace inclusion in your role?


For me, inclusion means going one step further than the historical notions of diversity; it means making the necessary efforts to create an environment in which all team members, without exception, feel welcome and valued.


It's about listening to each other's needs; it's also about recognizing that, of course, you need rules to make an organization work, but you also need to be flexible and understanding to adapt to each other. It also means accepting that this precious balance has become essential for most people.


What do you feel is challenging in achieving inclusion today?


It is a challenge because in the overall it means going far beyond gender diversity or parity. It means rethinking our productivity criteria, recognizing that personal and professional fulfillment is already a factor in productivity gains.


I have plenty of ideas to encourage productivity, such as promoting the 4-day week and embracing flexibility. However, the first step is also to recognize that a person’s expectations are not the same as another.



Together, let's continue to support inclusion in our daily journey both in our professional and personal life.


Special thanks to Claudine for her contribution.

Happy International Women's Day!