Welcome to Women’s Week at Fund Channel!

As we embrace this year's theme of #InspireInclusion, we're thrilled to introduce you to three remarkable women whose dedication and unique perspectives enrich our workplace.

Catherine LECLERE CORNOU, our head of IT, is the first person we are interviewing:

◦ What does Women’s Day mean to you?

I'm thinking of Simone Weil, Marie Curie but also of all the women and men who have fought and continue to fight for equality between men and women. I am also very impressed by the new generation with Malala Yourasfrei, Greta Thunberg who don’t hesitate to battle for their convictions.


◦ What does the theme 2024 #inclusion mean as well ?

Inclusion means tolerance, empathy and integration of people regardless of origin, gender, religious, political beliefs or any differences. Looking and integrating people for who they are, as human beings and not on the basis of clichés or preconceived ideas.


Inclusion should be considered as a richness which help us to improve our opinions and take the best decision.


◦ What is the most challenging situation you faced? What did you learn from it?

Find a good balance between my professional and personal life as a woman and mother. You need to be well organized and well supported. I'm lucky enough to have a partner for whom the distribution of task is a matter of course.


◦  How do you embrace inclusion in your role?

As Head of IT, fostering inclusion is an integral part of my daily responsibilities. It’s essential to ensure that each of us can make its contribution and be a part of the team.


In the team we have a diversity of nationalities (French, Belgian, Algerian, Moldavian...) which enriches us on a daily basis. While we prioritize technical and functional expertise in IT, fostering an inclusive environment means recognizing the value of each collaborator.


◦ What do you feel is challenging in achieving inclusion today?

In spite of everything, things have changed a lot in recent years. Women are more daring to speak out and take initiatives. As women and mothers, we also have a responsibility to share our experiences and encourage young girls  to follow  their convictions.



Together, let's celebrate progress and continue to support one another in our journey toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Special thanks to Catherine for her contribution.

Happy International Women's Day!