Fund Channel, the B2B fund distribution platform owned by Amundi, has reached an agreement with 3D (Distributor Due Diligence Ltd) the leading due diligence platform.


The integration of 3D’s platform into Fund Channel marketplace will support asset managers and intermediaries on leveraging their distribution oversight by conducting due diligence on distributors and institutional fund houses around the globe.


Fund Channel’s asset managers will be able to leverage 3D’s platform, to ensure a fully compliant process together with an automated collection of documentation thanks to a client-friendly due diligence questionnaire. Distributors will only need to complete the questionnaire once for their entire network of asset managers as it includes all regulatory expectations.


Through this collaboration, asset managers comply easily with regulatory obligations and reduce time-consuming processes. In addition, Fund Channel experts evaluate the replies and provide an assessment proposal to the asset managers. The platform also allows asset managers to follow statuses, download reports as well as eliminate operational challenges and manual processes as well as benefit from the expertise in the fund distribution industry in data and risk analyses.


Régis Veillet, Head of Business Development at Fund Channel, commented, “The 3D tool is a user-friendly platform and multi-lingual support team that make it easy and quick for distributors to respond to due diligence requests. Our clients can meet their regulatory obligations on time and have the audit and reporting tools requirements needed.


3D co-founder Fabian Richter added, “The combined service reduces the administrative workload for Fund Channel’s clients by over 90% for both the collection and the review of distributor due diligence responses – something no other platform in the market can currently offer. We are hitting the ground running: a leading European Asset Management will start onboarding, with a number of others just a few steps behind. Watch this space!”

About 3D

Distributor Due Diligence Ltd (known also as 3D) is a technology solution that enables fund managers and intermediaries to conduct due diligence on the distributors and institutional clients of their funds around the globe ( Founded in 2018 by Steve Bennett and Fabian Richter, 3D has grown rapidly and is currently being used by over 20 fund companies who between them have more than 1,900 distributors globally.


Using 3D’s client-friendly due diligence questionnaire and drawing on 3D’s multi-lingual Support Team means fund managers can save over 80% of the resources required for distributor oversight. Adding in Fund Channel’s pre-review service for completed questionnaires, the time saving exceeds 90%, meaning fund managers will be able to run their distributor oversight process without having to hire any dedicated resources.